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pampered pantry

Refresh, organise and turn your kitchen into a peaceful sanctuary. 


Sweet Monáe is ready to put order back into your kitchen… One of our Professional Chefs will take measurements and assess the needs of your kitchen to turn it to an efficient and more functional space.


No more searching for tins or knocking over cereal boxes. Everything will be neatly labelled and stacked in logical order with beautiful, clear, BPA Free modular canisters exclusively from  The Container Store.



  • Free professional evaluation of pantry/kitchen area

  • Recommend storage suggestion that best fits your kitchen

  • Order items needed to properly organize your space

  • Wash all new containers/remove stickers

  • Thoroughly Clean and organize pantry kitchen area

  • Place food in new containers

  • Label all new canisters

  • Service fee starts at $275

  • Cost of storage containers not included

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