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New Year // BETTER YOU

The holiday season is always such a beautiful time of the year. But for most people, they seem to find themselves eating more than usual. From Thanksgiving all the way to New Years, there happens to be so many things focused around the enjoyment of food. Holiday parties and recipes are delicious but not always the best for us. But, we are firm believers in balance and the holidays should be spent allowing yourself to eat a little more than usual, grab that cookie if its what you really want, its been a long year & you deserve it! But with the new year approaching, we want to help you start 2018 in a more healthy way.

Sweet Monae is a personal chef service that allows one of our culinary experts to step into your kitchen and prepare top-of-the-line meals for you and your family. Our chefs will actually meet with you first to discuss your needs and what your goals are. We are all setting goals for the new year and eating better is a big one. Our chefs are able to accommodate any dietary need yet still make the food taste delicious. We want to help you make 2018 easier and healthier.

Having a personal chef can completely change your life. The stress and worry about what to eat, the grocery shopping, the preparing, the nights you don't feel like cooking and grab fast food or some take out… ALL GONE! Our personal chefs design these menus catered to you, your wants, your goals. Healthy foods don't need to be tasteless. Our chefs are culinary experts and have been doing this for many years now. They know how to make the most boring meal more tasteful and exciting.

A well balance diet includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, and healthy proteins. We do ALL the shopping for you. Sometimes grocery shopping can take up a days worth of time. Going to 2 or 3 different markets to make sure you got everything you needed. Unloading all these groceries, and than cooking. We will do this all for you and make sure your meals are providing all the nutrients your body needs. Any special requests? Thats fine. Our chefs are here for you and to spice things up so your meals never get boring.

Start this new year right a give our personal chef services a try. This truly is a life changing experience for someone who has been struggling with cooking healthy for themselves. Sometimes, we simply do not have the time and thats ok. This is why our services are designed for your needs. Get 30% off your first 3 cook dates to really see if this service is for you!


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