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Cook for the Season

Fall is in the air, and we’re OBSESSED ! This is the time to go check out one of your local farmers markets & mix it up a little bit. There is specific produce that is meant to be grown, harvested, and consumed in the fall season. So lets start cookin’ !


Probably the most popular ingredient in the fall season. Pumpkin is delicious and nutritious and fun! You can go to the pumpkin path and pick your own, or supermarkets sell them from all different shapes and sizes. There is also canned pumpkin for cooking convenience. Pumpkins could be used to paint or carve but can also be used to make any recipe taste delicious ! From pumpkin cookies, cakes, soups, breads, pies, flatbreads, and even pastas ! The possibilities are endless for this versatile fall ingredient. The best part? It has amazing nutritional benefits for you too !


This delicious fruit is typical in the fall season, and usually available from the months of October to December. You can eat the fruit itself or enjoy the seeds alone or as a garnish on salads and soups. Pomegranates could have a little sour taste but they are a delicious addition to many fall recipes. They also are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


A fall favorite! Butternut squash is mostly known for the delicious fall soup it makes. It also is very popular now as a ravioli filling. Butternut squash is low in fat and is an extraordinary heart- health food. It is considered a power food due to high levels of potassium and vitamin B6. There are tons of different ways to enjoy this incredible food - baked, boiled, or sautéed - butternut squash is sure to make a lasting impression.


We do see brussels sprouts year round but they are at their best form during the fall season. These tasty vegetables are part of the cabbage family and are jammed packed with fiber and also has a high protein count for a vegetable. Unlike most other veggies, brussels sprouts do not need to ripen before you eat them. They make amazing salads and our favorite is when you get them super crispy. This is the season this delicious veggie peaks, so its the perfect time to incorporate in any recipe.

Sweet potatoes, pears, apples, beetroot, acorn squash, grapes and figs are some other popular ingredients that will last extra amazing this fall season. Cook for the season and enjoy all fall has to offer!

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