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Why Hiring a Personal Chef is the New Eating Out

Eating at a restaurant or drinking at a bar is something we used to do without giving it a second thought. But during the pandemic, eating out and going to bars has been found to be linked to new COVID-19 cases. And people have lost significant portions of their income because various industries have taken a huge financial hit during this time, making it difficult for many to afford to eat out as often as they would like.

One study found that people who tested positive for the virus were two times more likely to report eating out or drinking at a bar in the last two weeks, compared to people who tested negative. Spreading people out and eating outdoors makes it less likely to spread the virus, but you’ll still be eating or drinking in fairly close proximity to strangers. Do you really want to take the risk?

What if we said, you could get the satisfaction of eating out from the safety of your home? And it might even be more economical than eating at a restaurant. We assure you that it’s not too good to be true. Keep reading to see why hiring a personal chef is a better option than eating out.

Let’s do some math.

The cost of taking a family of four out to a restaurant is about $15 per person, factor in the cost of the food that spoils because you’re not eating at home (approximately another $15 dollars per person) and the cost of gas, that’s about $122. Multiply that by 7 meals per week (a few dinners and some lunches), and it starts to add up! And these calculations don’t even include the cost of drinks. Add a bottle of wine with dinner, and you’re spending way more than you need to.

With Sweet Monae Personal Chefs, you can have only the groceries you need expertly chosen and prepared by your very own chef. Enjoy fresh, delicious, restaurant-quality, meals all week, and save money! Doesn’t that sound heavenly? The best part is that if your income has been affected by the pandemic, a personal chef can actually be more economical than preparing the food yourself or eating out several times a week.

We also have luxury wine at reasonable prices available that your chef can help you choose and order for a special occasion, or just have on hand for dining in.

Many people have already opted for the safer and economically smarter choice of hiring their own personal chef to prepare their meals for the week. Wouldn’t you like to eat some delicious, healthy food, expertly prepared, and graciously served by your very own chef too?


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