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Valentines Day Personalized FOR YOU

Valentines day has been celebrated for centuries now. On February 14th, people around the world want to express their love just a little more on this day. Loved ones express themselves through dinners, candies, cards, flowers and whatever way their significant other would appreciate. It is a special day that should be personalized the way you and your partner would enjoy the most. This is why Sweet Monae has a great plan for this years Valentines celebration: spicing it up with a Personal Chef !

Hiring a personal chef for Valentines day, has this ever crossed your mind? The social norm is booking a reservation months in advance at some fancy restaurant thats over priced and over capacity. What is special about that ? This is why our services make an incredible and unique idea to make the night one to remember. A chef is able to come to your home and transform the environment to a romantic one. With a table set with roses and candles, champagne ready to be popped, chocolate strawberries waiting to be eaten, and a 3-course gourmet dinner being served. What could be better?

Say you or your loved one are a little on the picky eating side, or there is a special dish you both absolutely love. Our chefs can do it. Appetizers, main entrees, and desserts are all catered to your preference. Is your significant others favorite dessert so hard to find on a typical restaurant menu? We'll not only accommodate, our chefs will ensure it tastes out of this world. Customizing your Valentines day experience is an awesome and stress-free idea. The chef is doing all the work on this day. The shopping, cooking, and cleaning are all taken care of. We want to provide more than just dinner, we are here to provide an experience. A celebration of love.

Sweet Monae Personal Chef Services is a trusted service that provides the freshest ingredients to make the most exquisitely prepared meals. We can accommodate any dietary need. Vegan, gluten-free, allergies, paleo, whatever it is. Don't stress over going to restaurants and struggling to find something on the menu you can eat. We will set a menu for you in advance that is ensured to be exactly what you are looking forward too. Let Sweet Monae make your Valentines day unforgettable.

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