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Sweet Monae - About Us !

We thought it was time to let South Florida really get to know Sweet Monae and what we do and stand for ! Sweet Monae is a personal chef company with a staff of highly professional and experienced culinary experts. Our team is packed with chefs who are working specifically for our clients and their needs. We are currently serving all of the following South Florida counties:

  • Miami Dade

  • Broward

  • Palm Beach

We offer a wide variety of services to clients in these areas. Our most popular service includes the Weekly In-Home Chef Service. We provide stress-free personalized meals while ultimately saving you time & money in the comfort of your own home. Our chefs will meet with you and go over a specific menu plan designed to your dietary needs. We than go out and do all the grocery shopping for you. Prepare these meals in-house & have them ready for you when you arrive home. All the thought and preparation is done for you.

Next, we have the All-Inclusive Chef Services. This service we offer entails you hiring a chef for a certain day or time. Have a birthday for your significant other? Design the perfect menu they will love, and our chef will do it all. From shopping, menu cards, table decor, 4-course meal and serving, this is an all-inclusive service and we will do it all for you! This is a great experience and a great service we offer.

Boutique Catering is another incredible service we offer to our clients. We do parties, work events, holidays and anything else you can think of. Need more than 1 chef? We have a team of incredible culinary experts who work together to provide outstanding dishes.

Sweet Monae is about the clients. We are about YOU! We strive to prepare high quality meals and exceptional culinary experiences to those across South Florida. Whether you need a Personal Chef on a routine basis OR for a special celebration, you'll find all dishes are exquisitely prepared and graciously served in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Plus, all menus are customized to meet your dietary needs, taste preferences, style, and budget.

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