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Health & Wellness - The Best Gift

Holidays are approaching. Shopping around for that perfect gift can become stressful. How about thinking outside the box this year and give a gift thats more of an experience. Something that goes beyond what you can put in a gift bag.

A personal chef.

Why a personal chef? Well, we are here to explain why this would be an unbelievable gift this year. Something your loved one might not expect, but is sure to love. Personal chefs care about the client needs and wants. If you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle but are having problems with the time and preparation that takes, a personal chef can relieve you of that stress. Coming up with menus designed to your lifestyle goals is a gift that is one of a kind.

2018 has been the year of health and our chefs are here for it. The personal chefs of Sweet Monae have been focused on helping clients reach goals every single day. Helping them with their dietary needs, restrictions and preferences. That is why we have come up with 5 tips for our readers to use to stay healthy around these holiday seasons.

  1. Drink LOTS of water. The holidays are all about the food ( & of course those amazing cocktails) ! But it is easy to get focused on the food, shopping, cooking and all the fun the holidays bring, that you forget to drink. We suggest buying a BPA stainless steel water bottle to take on the go. You might catch yourself at the end of your day saying “ When was the last time I had a sip of water”? Having these water bottles on hand is a smart choice and could also make a great gift! Plus, staying hydrated keeps us less cranky and no one wants to be feeling cranky during the holidays.

  2. Take a class in health and nutrition. Why? Because knowledge is POWER! There is so much misguided out there. We can read so many different articles that we don't know what is best for us anymore. It might sound silly but don't you want to ensure you have the correct information. A Nutritions class can set the record straight and help people stay on track and living their best life!

  3. Buy a pair of comfortable / supportive shoes. How can shoes possible effect your health? More than you think! The right support for your lifestyle will help you feel your best and will help prevent any future injury. Make sure to pick a shoe that stands up to your daily needs.

  4. Meditation. Yoga. Relaxing. Basically anything thats good for your mind and soul. Everyone needs a moment of relaxation in their day. Our world can become very hectic, people are more stressed that ever. We owe it to ourselves to have a moment of peace and quiet.

  5. Hire a personal chef. As we briefly described earlier, personal chefs can help you reach a goal. It can also help reduce stress. Cooking can be stressful. Especially when its for more than one. The time and preparation it takes on deciding what to eat, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up. Everyone deserves to see how it feels to have a personal chef. Cooking is a lot of work!

Sweet Monae Personal Chef Services is a personal chef company serving south Florida ( Palm Beach, Broward, & Miami Dade County). We strive to help make a clients life easier. If its just for a single night hosting a special event or for a weekly preparation of everyday meals. Personal chef would make a gift for anyone. Give the gift thats an experience, a gift of health, or relaxation, of something new !


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