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Valentine’s Day - The Way to Our Heart

Valentine’s Day - The Way to Our Heart

HAPPY JANUARY GUYS! Sweet Monae believes 2019 is the year of treating our mind and body right. We always need to make sure we take care of ourselves first and foremost, that way we are able to be the best version of ourselves for the ones we love as well! …Talking about love brings us to our blog topic for today.. Valentine’s Day! February 14th is a day celebrated with our loved ones. A special day to show a little extra love. This could be with a significant other, your family, a group of friends, anyone that you love whom will make the holiday that much more special.

Now, what is one of the best ways to someones heart…FOOD! Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. Someone once said “All you need is love… and chocolate”! We couldn't agree more.

YoIfyIf your struggling on how to make this years Valentine’s Day special, our personal chef services are here to help you out. A chef cooking an intimate, personal dinner for you and your loved one(s). No worrying about packed restaurants, crowds, food coming out the wrong way…none of that can be an issue when you plan the night out with our chefs in advance. We design the menu with you to provide your dream meal. This year its time to switch up our routines to experience new things. If this is something you never tried before, it is something you will never forget.

This is a special gift to give to a special person(s) in your life. We know another great thing about Valentines day is the delicious desserts, which is why we want this blog post to showcase our love for desserts throughout the last couple months. Here you can find some amazing desserts made by the chefs of Sweet Monae. We have chosen our top chocolate ones in honor of Valentines day AND because like they say.. all you need is love and chocolate. These were all homemade designed for each individual client. We hope these desserts get you inspired and excited for the holiday. However you choose to spend Valentines day, we hope it is a beautiful and special evening.

Eat With Your Heart

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