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Sweet Summertime

Summer is right around the corner which is leading us right into the beautiful hotter months. Ah, vacations, parties, beaches, and barbecues are among us! If your hosting any of these special events coming up, you want to be prepared with a summer themed menu, right? Great recipes to cool down or throw on the grill. But living in Florida, it might seem to be summer almost year round! (Guilty of sitting on a beach in December raise your hand!) Thats why we want to share some of our favorite ice cold drink recipes. These are perfect to have a little fun or to serve at a party. Sometimes people don't think about making their own drinks. You usually see more store bought beverages such as sodas, flavored waters, or alcoholic can/bottled beverages. Check out these recipes because they are sure to be a hit this summer!!

Pear Mojito

(We love a drink with fresh herbs)


• 1.5 oz. Mount Gay Black Barrel rum

• .75 oz. lime juice

• .75 oz. simple syrup

• 1 oz. Ambient pear puree

• club soda

• fresh mint leaves


In a highball glass, lightly press on mint leaves with muddler. Add rest of the ingredients except club soda. Add ice and transfer into a shaker and shake. Add club soda and pour back in highball glass. Garnish with mint leaves.

Watermelon Sangria

(We also love a drink with fresh fruit)


  • 6 cups cubed watermelon

  • 1-2 cups sugar

  • 750ml bottle white wine

  • 1 cup vodka

  • 1/2 cup fresh lime juice

  • 1 cups water or sparking water


Add cubed watermelon and sugar to blender and blend until no chunks of watermelon remain. Set a fine mesh strainer over a large pitcher and pour the juice through. Add the white wine, vodka, and fresh lime juice to the pitcher and stir well. Add 1 cup water to the pitcher and chill sangria 1 hour before service. Garnish with extra watermelon cubes and lime slices if desired.

PRO TIP: Make all these drinks ahead of time in pitchers. That way if an unexpected guest comes by, you have something refreshing to offer them. Fresh herbs and fruit always make great garnishes. The

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