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Weekly In-home chef services

Want to enjoy a delicious, well-balanced meal without the hassle of shopping, cooking, or cleaning up?

Try our Weekly In-Home Services and enjoy customized meals, prepared by one of our

highly skilled chefs in your own kitchen. 

Not only will you and your family reap the personal benefits from eating nutritious and healthy balanced meals, 

but you'll have more time to unwind and relax at home.

how it works

1. Set your location 

1. Amount of people and meals

Choose a week slot

personalised questioniare

Choose for how many people, and how many meals you want for the week. You also let the chef know if you have any allergies or special requests. 

WE currently provide weekly in-house chef services to Miami in the following areas: We ask you to provide your adress. Dont worry - none of this information is shared. 

Give an estimateion of when you would need this service, by indicating what week of which month you would like to book us. (Limited amount of bookings per week). Only after the booking is confirmed and the deposit is paid,a specific date will be scheduled between our chef and you in the consultation. 

as part of the booking process, we try and get to your preferences etc.

select your personalised meal package according to your lifestyle and health goals. Our options are: Health concious, Family Friendly and Deluxe. You also let the chef know if you have any allergies or special requests. You also book out the week in which you want to do it. 

Choose for how many people, and how many meals you want for the week.

 Pay holding deposit

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our chefs

Eat and enjoy!

Pay securely online using our online credit card facilities or make a wire transfer.

Once the paument is confirmed, you will receive a dfetailed confirmation email outlining. 

here you will have a 30 minute session, either on zoom or telephone (or in person if the circumstances allow) where you and our talent chef managing your booking will discuss the following:

- finalise dates

- finalise the menu and options

-finalise grocery budgets and preferences

Next, the chef will spend approximately four to six hours on the day you booked  in your kitchen preparing the meals. All meals will be packaged and labelled for easy reheating and your kitchen will be left spotless and smelling delicious.

Get started

Weekly In-home packages

Next available week for in-home meal prep services: 20 November 2020

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